Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy celebrates the 19th annual spring hat luncheon

The 19th annual spring hat luncheon, held on one of the coldest derby days ever* , turned out to be a truly warm event.

Guest arrived to the Schenley Park tents, for the most part, ignoring the advice of the Park's Conservancy's website, to leave the heels at home.  Although it resulted in many ruined shoes, the guests did not seem to mind, in the least. Summer dresses were either covered up by coats or replaced by suits and knit dresses. But, one constant at this event, the hats were incredible.

This year I found myself completely  caught up in admiring the variety of hat designs and the creativity of those who made them.  From Leon's gold tower, Joe Kings cherry on top, to Diane Loevner's black tulle and feathered fascinator.  Although not able to make the luncheon,  Gina Mazzotta had a strong presence at the event through her hats. Kiya Tomlin, wearing a design of her own, topped it off to perfection with Gina's amazing design.

Great credit is deserved by the staff of the Parks Conservancy, and the event Co Chairs, Emily Mack Jamison, Ramsey Lyons, Charlene Petrelli, Kiya Tomlin, and Christy Wiegand, who accomplished the nearly impossible feat, of  creating a welcoming atmosphere during torrential downpours and temperatures in the 40's. 

Soggy grounds aside, the centerpieces were a magnificent  array of orchids, cut flowers,  and azalea topiary  created by Allison McGreary Florists. The brightly colored table clothes, and vibrant hats, made the tent seem full of sunshine.

At the core of the event, raising fund to keep our city parks beautiful.  Over $500,000 was raised at this luncheon , to bring the 19 year total to $100 million raised at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Spring Hat Luncheons.

*May 4, Derby Day 1957,  the high temperature in Pittsburgh was 46 degrees.


Monday, March 20, 2017

JDRF Celebrates 25th Anniversary Gala

The David L. Lawrence Center welcomed 800 guests, Saturday March 18 for the 25th annual JDRF Promise Gala. Patrons arrived walking a shimmery silver carpet which was actually the train of Las Vegas model Chanel's elaborate dress. Perched on a pedestal, she greeted guest as the made their way to the reception area.

Silent auctions were viewed, as attendees mingled and sipped on champagne.

The ballroom doors opened to reveal  an elaborate forest of twinkling trees created by Tolo Events, with soft, coral rose centerpieces by Hens and Chicks. 

Gala Chairs, Nancy Glynn and Kim Trinkala, who both have children affected by Type 1 diabetes, know first hand  the complex balance of diet, blood testing, stress management, and insulin intake that are part of the daily routine of living with Type 1 diabetes, and making the evenings cause of finding a cure, most important.

Through the efforts of JDRF, over $21.5 million have been raised throughout the 25 year history of this event. Great advancements have been made in the management, treatment, and the ultimate goal of finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. 

Lori and Rich Hensler


Carol Yannuzzi, JDRF Western PA Executive Direcgtor with Danielle Vetter, Development Manager

Carol Yannuzzi with JDRF Executive Committee President Barbara Gray


Ashley Novacic with Richele Ward

Lara Daly, Senior Development Manager, Ashley Novacic, Develpment Coordinator, Richele Ward, Senior Development Manager and Lori Hensler, JDRF Board of Directors

Brian Bauer of Eventures Live, Photographer at the Step and Repeat

Each year I attend about 25  fundraisers,  all for amazing causes.     I attended my first JDRF gala 4 years ago.  At that point, I really did not know a great deal about Type 1 diabetes.   

This is a disease which is not created by lifestyle.  
The people who suffer from this disease did not make any errors in their lifestyle or diet.
Type 1 diabetics is an autoimmune disease  which requires daily shot of insulin or a pump to keep glucose levels regulated. 
At this point, there is no cure. Please support JDRF  by visiting


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pittsburgh Film Office celebrates "Lights, Glamour, Action!"

Highmark Presents, "Lights! Glamour! Action!" entered it's 17th year as the major fundraiser for the Pittsburgh Film Office. On February 26, Over 700 guests walked the 515 foot red carpet to  Izzazu's "Glam Cam", where Bubba from 100.7 and Emilio Cornachione interviewed the stylish and best dressed  guests,  broadcast on the big screens throughout the venue, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

At the center of the VIP Reception,  a champagne toast,
Hors d'Oeuvres, raffles, and a brave model high atop the room in an 8 foot champagne glass.

The ballroom doors opened to reveal intimate tents housing  sofas, ottomans, and chandeliers. Food stations throughout the ballroom included Dunkin' Donut, Milk Shake Factory, Millie's Ice Cream, Pittsburgh Smokehouse, Lidia's , and the Oscar's candy table & bar. 

While the Oscars were televised on the big screens, guest mingled and watch the progress of special effects artist Steve Tolin of  TolinFX  and team, as they transformed Dale Capellanio into Anthony Hopkins from Silence of the Lambs.

Event planners Theresa Kaufman and Shari Zatman executed the event to perfection, with a "Lights, Glamour, Action" that surpassed all of the previous events and left patrons looking forward to next year.

Guests included, the evening's hostess Pittsburgh Film Office CEO Dawn Keezer,  Renee and Lucas Piatt, Rich and Cindy Engler, Pittsburgh's Movie Man Tony Amen,  Jennifer Manypenny, County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Lt. Governor Mike Stacy, and Honorary Co-Chairs Pete & Lori Schoonmaker.

To learn more about the Pittsburgh Film Office and it's contribution to our local economy,  visit

Shari Zatman

Cassandra Perkins with Tony Amen
Nancy Mosser and Katie Shenot
Dawn Keezer of the Pittsburgh Film Office

Jennifer Manypenny
George Long and Amy Merlo


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Iris van Harpen Exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Iris van Harpen's collection could be described as wearable sculptures. Implementing both design and engineering concepts, exhibit visitors will witness the progression of her couture collection from its inception to its current evolution.  With creative use of three D printed materials to emulate elements in her collection, each piece is a creation of art.

With a prestigious resume, Iris Van Herpen, studied Fashion Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem and interned at Alexander McQueen in London, and Claudy Jongstra in Amsterdam.  In 2007 , she started her own label. At 32, Van Herpen designs two couture collections each year and has  designed for celebrities including Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Bjork, and Lady Gaga.

Upon  entrance into the Heinz gallery, "Refinery Smoke" greats guests.  Constructed of oxidized metal mesh, the piece emulate the feel of smoke.

Traveling the country, the collection will be on exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art through May 1.

Iris van Herpen Exhibit

Iris van Herpen Exhibit

Escapism January, 2011

Mummification Dress June 2009 Goat Sued, Motor Chain, Ball Chain and Cotton

Radiation Invasion: September 2009 Faux Leather, Gold Foil, Tulle, and Cotton

Refinery Smoke constructed of Oxidized Steel Mesh

Biopiracy Dress March 2014  3D Printed Thermoplastic and Polyurethane

Biopiracy Dress March 2014, 3D Printed Thermoplastic and Polyuerathane

Hacking Infinity Dress, March 2015 Thermoformed Acrylic, lacquer Leather, Silicone, Silk, and Crystalsion

Wilderness Embodied July 2013, Silicone Laser Cut Feathers, Gull Skulls, Pearls, and Cotton
Magnetic Motion Dress September 2014 Goat Leather, Swarovski Crystals, Acrylic Chevrons, Viscose

Voltage Dress Laser cut 3D

Hybrid Holism Dress July 2012 3D Printed UV Polymer

Wilderness Embodied July 2013 Laser Cut Japanese Changeant fabric and Viscose

Voltage Dress January 2013

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