Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy celebrates the 19th annual spring hat luncheon

The 19th Annual Spring Hat Luncheon, held on one of the coldest derby days ever* , turned out to be a truly warm event.

Guest arrived to the Schenley Park tents, for the most part, ignoring the advice of the Park's Conservancy's website, to leave the heels at home.  Although it resulted in many ruined shoes, the guests did not seem to mind, in the least. Summer dresses were either covered up by coats or replaced by suits and knit dresses. But, one constant at this event, the hats were incredible.

This year I found myself completely  caught up in admiring the variety of hat designs and the creativity of those who made them.  From Leon's gold tower, Joe Kings cherry on top, to Diane Loevner's black tulle and feathered fascinator.  Although not able to make the luncheon,  Gina Mazzotta had a strong presence at the event through her hats. Kiya Tomlin, wearing a design of her own, topped it off to perfection with Gina's amazing design.

Great credit is deserved by the staff of the Parks Conservancy, and the event Co Chairs, Emily Mack Jamison, Ramsey Lyons, Charlene Petrelli, Kiya Tomlin, and Christy Wiegand, who accomplished the nearly impossible feat, of  creating a welcoming atmosphere during torrential downpours and temperatures in the 40's. 

Soggy grounds aside, the centerpieces were a magnificent  array of orchids, cut flowers,  and azalea topiary  created by Allison McGreary Florists. The brightly colored table clothes, and vibrant hats, made the tent seem full of sunshine.

At the core of the event, raising fund to keep our city parks beautiful.  Over $500,000 was raised at this luncheon , to bring the 19 year total to $100 million raised at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Spring Hat Luncheons.

*May 4, Derby Day 1957,  the high temperature in Pittsburgh was 46 degrees.

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