Monday, July 29, 2019

The Pittsburgh Zoo  and PPG Aqaurium Summer Safari 2019

The Summer Safari is a highly  anticipated and greatly enjoyed party and this year was no exception!  VIP guest mingled and enjoyed samplings of many regional restaurants dishes, with a steel drum band setting the mood.
Casual, close up encounters with Hedwig the Eurasian Owl, O'Henry the Alpaca, Rihanna the Porcupine  and a particularly friendly snake, were both educational and entertaining.

Below in the village, guest had a similar experience with live music, food, drinks, and entertainment.

As guest made there way through the zoo, the cooler evening temperatures allowed visitors to see the animals up close, with tigers, elephants, and giraffe extremely active and engaging their audience.

The sell out crowed of nearly 1500 concluded the evening with more music, food, and entertainment. To learn more about the zoo, visit

Lynne Evosevich

Jamie Vantine with Stephanie Vantine

Tina and Randy McGeorge

Melana Mears, Director of Development Pittsburgh Zoo with Katy Tupts

Kayla O'Neal

O'Henry the Alpaca

Beth Inches , Kristen and Branden with Hedwig

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