Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Fourth Annual Fashion for a Cause

St. Clair Country Club was once again the setting for the 4th Annual Fashion for a Cause, hosted by the Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh Foundation, to support Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh.

The event featured vendors, buffet dinner, pop up boutiques, and the very diverse and lively fashion show.  Both professional models, Realtors, and Emmaus residents modeled fashions from Ice and Elegance, Vintage Valet, Snowwater Boutique, Cycletique, and Macy's, styles ranging from work out wear to cocktail attire and everything in between.  Even gorgeous 1940's inspired lingerie, modeled beautifully by our evening's emcee Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Jenny Lu, and the mysterious Mr. Tony.  Hollywood Glam is designed and created by Beth Shari.

With the style under the stars theme, A. Jean Lender, and Bridgette added a mystical ambiance with mini tarot card readings, in the candlelit alcove.

At the heart of this event is the Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh and the amazing work and support they offer to their residents. Providing residential housing to adults with intellectual disabilities and autism, Emmaus is in its 30th year of giving.  Over 1100 adults are on a waiting list in Allegheny County alone for admittance into a program such as Emmaus. To learn more please visit https://www.emmauspgh.org/   Photos by Anthony Sobotka

Tanisha Thomas in Ice and Elegance

                                   Elisa Ciotti, in Macy's and Michelle Schocker in Snowwater Boutique

                                          Dr. Shellie Hipsky in a Beth Shari Hollywood Glam Design
                                                 Jenny Lu in a Beth Shari Hollywood Glam Design
                                              Tony Mete in a Beth Shari, Hollywood Glam Design
                                                         Krista Costanza and Adam Pietrandrea

                                                              Kenzie in Cycletique

                                                                  Jenny Lu in Cycletique
                                                                 Jenny Lu in Cylcetique
                                                            Olivia Weber in Ice and Elegance
                                                         Tanisha Thomas in Snowwater Boutique
                                                       Michelle Schocker in Snowwater Boutique
                                                             Diane Umstott in Vintage Valet

                                                            Tanisha Thomas in Vintage Valet

                                                              Tiyonda Duvall in Vintage Valet
                                                                  Jenny Lu in Vintage Valet

                                                                    Kenzie in Mathilda Jane

                                                                      Chris Olds in Macy's

                                                                Erin Cleary Taylor in Macy's

                                                                   Janice Sprouls in Macy's

                                                                    Linda Pelkofer in Macy's
                                                                   Marian McCann in Macy's

                                                                 Lisa Cantalamessa in Macy's

                                                              Sharon Scheidemantle in Macy's

                                                                    Jason Cecco in Macy's
                                                                     David Dean, in Macy's
                                                                 Kendra Woodward in Macy's

                                                                        Elisa Ciotti in Macy's

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