Monday, March 20, 2017

JDRF Celebrates 25th Anniversary Gala

The David L. Lawrence Center welcomed 800 guests, Saturday March 18 for the 25th annual JDRF Promise Gala. Patrons arrived walking a shimmery silver carpet which was actually the train of Las Vegas model Chanel's elaborate dress. Perched on a pedestal, she greeted guest as the made their way to the reception area.

Silent auctions were viewed, as attendees mingled and sipped on champagne.

The ballroom doors opened to reveal  an elaborate forest of twinkling trees created by Tolo Events, with soft, coral rose centerpieces by Hens and Chicks. 

Gala Chairs, Nancy Glynn and Kim Trinkala, who both have children affected by Type 1 diabetes, know first hand  the complex balance of diet, blood testing, stress management, and insulin intake that are part of the daily routine of living with Type 1 diabetes, and making the evenings cause of finding a cure, most important.

Through the efforts of JDRF, over $21.5 million have been raised throughout the 25 year history of this event. Great advancements have been made in the management, treatment, and the ultimate goal of finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. 

Lori and Rich Hensler


Carol Yannuzzi, JDRF Western PA Executive Direcgtor with Danielle Vetter, Development Manager

Carol Yannuzzi with JDRF Executive Committee President Barbara Gray


Ashley Novacic with Richele Ward

Lara Daly, Senior Development Manager, Ashley Novacic, Develpment Coordinator, Richele Ward, Senior Development Manager and Lori Hensler, JDRF Board of Directors

Brian Bauer of Eventures Live, Photographer at the Step and Repeat

Each year I attend about 25  fundraisers,  all for amazing causes.     I attended my first JDRF gala 4 years ago.  At that point, I really did not know a great deal about Type 1 diabetes.   

This is a disease which is not created by lifestyle.  
The people who suffer from this disease did not make any errors in their lifestyle or diet.
Type 1 diabetics is an autoimmune disease  which requires daily shot of insulin or a pump to keep glucose levels regulated. 
At this point, there is no cure. Please support JDRF  by visiting


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