Monday, May 7, 2018

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Spring Hat Luncheon celebrates 20 Years

Highland Park was a colorful sea of hats on Saturday, May 5th for the 20th Annual Pittsburgh Park's Conservancy Spring Hat Luncheon.  With picture perfect skies and warm weather (which is always a variable), more than 600 patrons celebrated the achievements of the Parks Conservancy.In it's 20th year, the organization has made major strides throughout the city parks, with continued renovations, construction, and beautification.

Our new Parks Conservancy CEO Jayne Miller,  greeted each guest as they arrived for the event.  Beautifully dressed  patrons sipped mimosa and strolled through  Highland Park, admiring the  orchids, foliage, flowers, as well as the hats!  The event was executed flawlessly due predominantly,  to the work and attention of the Parks Conservancy Staff. 

Greatly missed  this yeare was long time supporter of the Parks Conservancy, Mrs. Nadine Bognar, remembered by her friend and event co-founder, Ritchie Battle.

The event raised over $500,000 for our city's parks, with the 20 year total at over $100 Million.

Gorgeous in Gold! Jenn Dailey, Director of  Marketing and Communication, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Erin Copeland, Senior Restoration Ecologist, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Sophie Gage, Event Coordinator and Kathleen Gaines, Director of Development, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy 
Fred and Lana Neumeyer

Kristen Well's hat done by Hens and Chicks

Kristen Wells

Cathy Qureshi with Keira

Sam Badger with Lana Neumeyer

Debbie Norrell

Heather Sage, Director of  Community Projects with Peri

Mary McKinney Flaherty, Mollie Hanna Lang, Emily Mack Jamison, Jimmi Sue Smith, and Ramsey Lyons, Event C0-Chairs

Sophie Gage, Event Co-ordinator

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy CEO Jayne Miller with Sally Wiggin


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