Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Academy Awards, Pittsburgh Style

On February 26,  Hollywood stars will walk the red carpet in the most glamorous gowns, jewels, and trendiest styles, in celebration of the 89th Academy Awards.

In Pittsburgh, we have our own version of this stylish salute to the film industry, Highmark Presents, "Lights! Glamour! Action!"
Paying tribute to Pittsburgh's rich film history, "Lights! Glamour! Action!, enters it 17th year and it just keeps getting better.

Event planners Theresa Kaufman and Shari Zatman added a fresh new take on the event and we are all looking forward to what surprises will be offered this year.

"Lights! Glamour! Action!" is the unofficial start of the Pittsburgh social season and a night to celebrate, with the film industry bringing in hundred of millions of  dollars and countless jobs to our local economy, making Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania one of the top film centers in the United States.

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